The Portuguese League for Human Rights – CIVITAS has been following, closely and with some apprehension, the campaign for the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil.

This is a serious time.

Being a young democracy with well-known structural problems, Brazil finds itself today in an historical crossroads that might determine its future for a long term.

In in this sense, the Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas believes being its duty to recall the importance of a World Heritage, desired as Universal: the Human Rights was long and hurtful conquered by the civic fight.

Xenophobia, racism, misogyny and homophobia cannot be instruments of progress. Apology to torture and violence; menace of harassment to what is different; the anti-democratic attack to opponents, minorities and institutions; refusal to dialogue are not a solution. The Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas expresses its strongest disapproval to the far-right wing candidate and appeals to the courage, the common sense and the ethic sense of the Brazilian citizens.

The Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas will do all within its capabilities and competences to aid preserving, consolidate and strength this Patrimony of Values that belongs to all and that call for all. It is the least required to those who daily fight for a freer, fairer and a more brotherly world.

Image: Michael Tracy