On the 10th of December, 2019, at Museu do Oriente, Lisbon, the Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas hold a celebratory ceremony Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The panels were secured by: H.E. the Minister of Justice, Ms. Francisca Van Dunem, Mr. Carlos Monjardino, President of Fundação Oriente and of the Advisory Council of the League, Mrs. Virgínia Brás Gomes, a former member of the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and by Mr. Vitor Graça, President of the Direction of the League.

The highest important moment in this ceremony was the tribute to Ms. Teresa Tito de Morais, for all her life and work on Human Rights defence, and especially, for having founding of the Center for Refugees, where so much is done in defending and hosting these vulnerable people.

Mr. Jorge Leitão, former high-commissar for Immigration and Ethnic Minorities (ACIME), praised the life and work of Ms. Teresa Tito de Morais, and Mr. Fernando Lima, President of the National Plenary of the League and of the Grémio Lusitano, handed over the badge of Honor of the Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas.

The lively rhythms were performed by Batoto Yetu Portugal, the eternal music of Dany Silva, violinist Nuno Flores, Paulo Matos and Filomena Gonçalves recited poetry, and Silvestre Fonseca played classic guitar.

H.E. the President of the Portuguese Republic, Mr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, addressed a written message on the occasion ofthe Celebratory Ceremony, read by young Maria Esquível, from Rádio Miúdos.

Before closing the Celebratory Ceremony of the Human Rights Day, Mr. João Constantino, Vice-Chairman Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas, called to the stage the panelists, the artist and sponsor entities that made possible this event, to handed a badge of recognition.

To the abovementioned, the following were praised for all the given cooperation and dedication: Colonel Aprígio Ramalho from Associação 25 de Abril, Mr. Pablo Barreiro from SUMA SA, Eng. Paulo Aradas from CGI, Mr. Fernando Sabino from the Portuguese Association – Facility Services (APFS), Mr. Alexandre Luz from Next power, designer Mr. Nuno Henriques and Mr. Rui Portugal Pedrosa, Vice-Chairman of the League.

We take this opportunity to thankMr. Alexandre Luz (Nextpower), Ms. Filipa Galante, Eng. Tiago Neves (Workforce Agency), GESTI, Mr. José Meira da Cunha (Associação Humana Fraternitas), and Rádio Miúdos, the media sponsor of the event.

It underwent a collection of signatures from European Citizens’ Initiative “Habitação para Toda a Gente” (House to Everyone), promoted by Associação dos Inquilinos Lisbonenses.

Photographs of the ceremony:at the end of the post.