About the League

On April 3rd, 1921, at the hall of “AteneuComercial de Lisboa” former President of the Republic Mr. Teófilo Braga founded the Portuguese Human Rights League, rooted on the French Human Rights and of the Citizen League, founded on June 4th, 1898 in Paris, France. 3 de Abril de 1921, no salão do Ateneu Comercial de Lisboa em sessão presidida por Teófilo Braga e na altura denominada a Liga Portuguesa dos Direitos do Homem, inspirada na Liga Francesa dos Direitos do Homem e do Cidadão, fundada em 4 de Junho de 1898, em Paris.

Vitor Graça

“Human Rights are a natural patrimony and inseparable part of all Humanity, regardless each person own situation. The defense and deepening shall be centered in dignity and respect for the Person, equally empathy and brotherhood shall rule the relations amongst the People.”

Vitor Graça


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