The League aimsto defend, to enhance and to expand the Human Rights, (considered as key elements of the Person dignity), and the possibility of guarantying that, by freedom, each Person may be responsible both for its own destiny and of the community where is inserted in.

To perform its Mission, the League assumes the following aims:

Pedagogic action that leads the Portuguese community to assume the meaning and the importance of its fundamental rights;

Public denounce and fighting any offense, omission, marginalization or obstruction to that rights.

Vitor Graça at the Commemorative Session of the International Human Rights Day 2018

Guideline Principles

In all its action, the League shall take into consideration, amongst others the:


Fundamental rights consecrated at the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic


Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Universal Declarations of the Rights of the Child


European Convention on Human Rights


Social Charter


Charter of Fundamental Rights of the
European Union


International Convention on the Protection and Promotion
of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities


Know all the centenary history of the League, from its foundation to the present days.

Social Organs

Find out the participants’ elements of the League: board of directors, national plenary and the supervisory board.