According to the Annual Report 2021, the Court dealt 260 applications concerning Portugal, showing a growth tendency (149 cases in 2018, 188 cases in 2019, and 261 cases in 2020).

During the year of 2021 it were heard 5 verdicts, being 3 guilty verdicts: due to the violation of article 8 (Right to respect for private and family life, home and correspondence) in 2 cases, and article 10 (Freedom of expression) in 1 case.

In relation to Portugal there are pending 291 court file.In 2021, Portugal was the 13th with lowest file cases rate country, as per population ratio, to submit a case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). This is, in 47 countries, Portugal ranked the 35thplace to submit a case per 10.000 inhabitants.

Globally, it were presented 44.250 cases in 2021to ECHR, it were decided 36.092 cases, and of those 32.961 cases were considered inadmissible or struck out.

ECHR Report 2021, in English:…/Annual_report_2021_ENG.pdf

ECHR Report 2021, in French:…/Annual_report_2021_FRA.pdf

The European Court of Human Rights, based in Strasbourg, was founded in 1959, and deliberates on complains presented by individuals or states that claim against violations on civil and political rights consecrated at the European Convention on Human Rights (ratified on 4th November 1950 in Rome).

The Convention was ratified by 47 Member-States of the Council of Europe (CE), and this cannot be bewilder with the European Union (EU), with the European Council (EC) or with the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).