On the 10th of December, it was hold the Celebratory Ceremony of the Human Rights Day –to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, at Museu do Oriente, Lisbon.

It was a celebratory and festive occasion masterly hosted by the enthusiastic in this cause: the lovely Cláudia Semedo.

The ceremony started with the propagating rhythm and movements of Batucadeiras Netas di Bibinha Cabral (Cape Verde). The opening ceremony welcoming and elucidating on the long history of the League was held by Mr. Carlos Monjardino, President of Fundação Oriente and President of the Supervisory Board of the Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas.

Followed by an astonishing demonstration of Flamenco, a little bit of Cuba, Portugal, Argentina and Spain, with Alejandra Gutkin, João Lara and Sonia Perez:living proof that culture is neither single nor hermitically closed-in to foreign traditions.

The Commissar to the Celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of the 40th years of Portugal’s adhesion to European Convention on Human Rights, PhD Vital Moreira mentioned the motivations that led to the draw of the Declaration as consequence of the lived horrors during 2nd WW and to the importance of adopting these two landmarks to Mankind as well as its current vital importance.

It reached the moment to homage Mr. António Arnaut, Father of the National Service of Health and former President of the Portuguese Human Rights League. He was an upright man, who strived all his life for the defence and practice of the Human Rights, especially the Right to Health, being responsible for one of the major social transformations in our country.

Whilst photographs were being projected the voice of António Arnaut could be heard reading one of his poems. In this occasion former President of the Republic Mr. Jorge Sampaio, step in the stage evoking the memory of Mr. António Arnaut and his conquests that aid improving the life of all Portuguese.

Emphasizing António Arnaut’s poesy, Paulo Matos, actor and stage director, read poems written by Our Father of the National Health Service. To close the tributes in memory of Mr. António Arnaut, one of the most talented pianist of her generation, Teresa Palma Pereira, played L’isle Joyeuse de Debussy.

For the first time in its history and by Mr. Fernando Lima (President of the Plenary of the Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas and of the Grémio Lusitano), calling for the attention of the universal values that should bound all granted posthumously to Mr. António Arnautthe Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas’s Badge of Honor,handed to his son Mr. António Manuel Arnaut who spokein memory of his late father and evaluated the current state of the National Health Service.

With a super elastic voice, capable of awaking the sleepiest viewers, Luanda Cozetti backed by Norton Daiello with the “singing” of his bass guitar, Os Couple Coffee, played Alípioof Zeca Afonso andTanto Marof Chico Buarque.

Then, President of the Board of the Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas, Mr. Vítor Graça spoke on the Human Rights in 2018, the achieved conquests throughout these seventy years, the grand flaws that still exist and how they are growing a little bit all over the world.

To close the artistic moments of the Ceremony, well-known singer Fernando Tordo performed Coisas da Malta and Quando um Homem Quiseraccompanied by a “transflamenco”dance by ballerinas.

To close the Celebratory Ceremony of the Human Rights Day, Vice-Chairman of the Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas, Mr. Rui Pedrosa praised the richness of the cultural diversity as well as the range and importance of all interventions.

He called to the stage all the speakers, artists and sponsor entities that made this Ceremony possible, to hand a medal of recognition. The above mentioned were joined by Colonel Vasco Lourenço from Associação 25 de Abril, Mr. João Constantino from Previmed,Mr. Pablo Barreiro from SUMA SA, Mr. Alexandre Luz from Next power and Ms. Daniela Antão.

Our deepest thanks for all their support to: Sensa Caffe, Workforce Agency, GESTI, CGI, Humana Fraternitas and designer Nuno Henriques.

Photographs of the event:at the end of the post.
Event video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgLTP3kXVn4