Today it was unveiled the plaque that signs the Alameda Coronel Marques Júnior, parish of Avenidas Novas, in Lisbon.

The ceremony counted with his spouse Maria Luísa Marques Júnior, daughter Filipa and grandchildren, the President of the Republic AssemblyMr. Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, Mayor of Lisbon Town HallMr. Fernando Medina and the Councilwoman for CultureMs. Catarina Vaz Pinto, the President of Associação 25 de Abril Colonel Vasco Lourenço, as well as former President of the Republic General Ramalho Eanes and Mrs. Manuela Ramalho Eanes, along with countless militaries and participants, who wished to gather in this homage.

Colonel António Alves Marques Júnior passed away in 2012, too soon, and left an important service in favor of the Country and of Freedoms that we live today, and Lisbon Town Hall carries out his memory through this Boulevard.

Colonel António Marques Júnior participated at the preparations of the 25thof April of 1974, at the unfold and at the construction of the Democracy that started afterwards. He was part of the highest organ of the Armed Forces Movement, the Council of Twenty and the Revolutionary Council. Amongst other political duties, he was deputy until 2011 and even Vice-Chairman of the Assembly of the Republic.

A due and fair homage that contributed to recall all the importance of the 25th of April to the Portuguese society and the determination and the crucial role Colonel António Marques Júnior played in.

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