Next Sunday, the 26th of May, Portugal will elect the 21 Euro deputies to the European Parliament.

The Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas appeals to the vote as it grants the will of the population and maintains a healthy and representative democracy. European Parliament has an important role on outlining the EU’s future and on the creation of various laws that impact its Member-States and the life of its Inhabitants.

To know your voting place:

Useful information:

Portuguese voters have to vote in the voting table of his/hers living area.

To know the place where to vote, please, check near your parish council, in this portal or send a text message to 3838, writing the message RE ID number date of birthYYYMMDD.

Exemple: RE 1234567 19820803

One shall carry his/hers civil identification document (Citizen Card or Identity Card) or another official document that has an updated photography (Passport, Diving License, etc.).