The Associação Humana Fraternitas proposed that the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of UNO shall be indelible marked,fomenting this ontological duty of the Humanity of acting in brotherhood spirit and according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

It proposes that the date be symbolically celebrated with the start of a project for a Monument to the Human Rights and to the Universal Brotherhood. This monument could be built in an Atlantic-European reference, this is, in Portugal, at the same latitude of the State of Liberty, NYC, USA.

To accomplish that they have submitted a petition at the Assembly of the Republic that might be read and signed according to the following instructions:

Signature campaign.

How to sign the petition:

  • Open link, Parliament website in
  • Right corner side click on ASSINAR (Sign);
  • The system will ask for an e-mail and password, and presents underneath two options: choose REGISTAR (Register);
  • Fill in the form (generate a password only access this page);
  • After submitting the form you will receive an e-mail (no reply) from the Parliament in your e-mail box, open the message and click on the words here;
  • At the petition site, after the e-mail and password, click on ASSINAR(Sign).