The Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas expresses its deepest sorrow on the passing of the former President of the Republic Mr. Jorge Sampaio, to whom Portugal and the World are in debt for his defence of the humanism, democratic and progressive ideals.

Mr. Sampaio was a brave and always ready to fight the hardest battles, even during dictatorship time, in defence of freedom and democracy. He distinguished himself for his integrity and became an ethical reference in social and political life.

He embodied the fight against dictatorship, for a Portugal that could be democratic, respectful and more comprehensive to all human being, regardless their origins, creed or gender. The qualities and the impact that Mr. Jorge Sampaio had in the country’s life and in the world are well-known, the Portuguese people should be proud for having had such a high profile fellow citizen.

The Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas presents sincere condolences to his family and friends.

To carry on his action and work will be the best homage that we can present.

We share a photography of Mr. Jorge Sampaio on the occasion of his kind participation on the Session of Commemoration of the Human Rights Day, the 10th of December, 2018, organised by the Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas, which included a tribute to Mr. António Arnaut.

Dr. Jorge Sampaio on International Human Rights Day 2018