Today and tomorrow (May 17 and 18), it will be held a High-Level Conference on Rule of Law organised by the Portuguese Council of the EU.

You may access the live Conference through the link:


The Portuguese Human Rights League – Civitas has cooperated with the International Federation for Human Rights (FIHD) and with the ‘The Netherlands Helsinki Committee’, (Speaker at the Conference and with whom we have organised a seminar on Rule of Law last February 4th) aiming to promote the defence of the EU values, that is under particular attack in same countries, such as Poland and Hungary.

We contacted the Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs, Ms. Ana Paula Zacarias, as to share the Civil Society sensitivities on the Rule of Law in the EU and, although the High-Level Conference is a landmark, its expectant impact and the political will of the General Affairs Council to apply the measures on Rule of Law defence leave much to be desired.

If EU is unable to see one of its most fundamental Values be respected within EU, how can one expect to manage it to defend other values and principles less known; and how can EU defend near third countries what it cannot comply within?

Rule of Law is the guarantee that citizens may live in a Democracy and free from potential tyranny by its rulers. It is a fundamental keystone of EU and without which the EU project cannot exist.